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Sunny days by Kate-FoX

We rarely see works of art that "truly" catch our eye; such as this, and rightly so. Although many critique works of the digital format...


STORY...Never Tempt The Lily Pond by darkriddle1
STORY...Never Tempt The Lily Pond

Never Tempt The Lily Pond

     There was a pond, more like a lagoon of sorts. In the middle of it, a swaying bed was floating like some arcane piece of driftwood. A beautiful woman lay on that bed, reaching over and holding an odd teapot. She poured a liquid of glimmering water into it – that mysterious water that was not water.

Kathy got a glimpse of her, while she was all alone, watching the mystical woman, as she slowly began to float away on her makeshift bed in that pond that was so much more than a pond. Perhaps Kathy should have been keener, for this was a sign…a sign of things to come. 

     The next day, Kathy was playing with Cynthia in her father’s boat. It was a rickety old thing, still made out of wood and encrusted with barnacles on the sides. Still, it was a favorite of hers. The California lagoon was a beautiful place to play. It wasn’t overshadowed by the ocean, and the tides made it shallow enough to see through the crystal clear water as if it were made of glass. Her older sister, Cynthia, kept thrashing water in the boat and playfully splashing it across Kathy’s freckled face.

    “You girls stop it now. You’ll scare away all the fish!” Mr. Perez shouted though not in any angry sense.

   “Cynthia’s being a poo-poo head; she keeps splashing water on me!” Kathy brassily complained.

     “Don’t get too upset, pumpkin, it’s just water.” He giggled back to his seven-year-old daughter.

    “Look, Papi, the water is really glittery today, isn’t it?!” Cynthia exclaimed in a weird happiness over her discovery.

     Indeed, the water was a tad bit odd. The surface was alive with striking gleam and specs of gold. It sparkled in the California sun, as if angels had dusted the lagoon with various hues of wondrous glitter.

     “Yep, it sure is pretty today, honey.” Mr. Perez said in a wide smile of nonchalance.

     “I’m going to catch a fish today, dad.” Kathy promised.

     “You stink at fishing, you little booger-nose!” Cynthia retorted, a bit jealous over her father’s attention.

     Kathy stood up and crossed her arms on the boat, giving her older sister the best stink-eye she could muster. Cynthia challenged her with a push, and sent Kathy falling into the lucid waters of the lake. Her father heard a plop as he was fixing worms to his fishing hook and then instantly jumped in the water after her.

     “Oops, I didn’t mean to push her in!” Cynthia cried now scared that Kathy might drown.

     But Kathy was a great swimmer. She swam underneath the fantastic lagoon for a bit before finally surfacing. When she did, the boat was gone. The water was oddly thicker, too. As if it was slightly heavier. Whatever the case, it made for easy swimming and she cast a look across the shoreline. She couldn’t make out her father’s boat or any other people. All she saw was a brightly colored beach ahead.

Instead of the beige she knew, it was a pleasant hue of yellow and white. Kathy walked on the shoreline clumsily stepping about and saw a dozen bright blue fur-balls with legs. On closer examination, they appeared to be a cross between dogs and lizards, but with the same canine friendliness of a puppy. In the distance, she saw strange flying creatures with feathers that looked more like tendrils of colored skin.  She sat on the beach and took a deep breath. From there, she called out to her father and sister. The sun seemed odd, too, split in two and with a ring of cool blue encircling it.

     This was not a bad place to be, she thought. But still, it was not her home. In fact, she didn’t know where she was. After a long while, she picked up a pear-shaped fruit of a pale orange color and tasted it. It had the flavor of both banana and cherry. She could see why the furry blue lizards were eating them so heartily.

     “But no. This is not my home.” She whispered and Kathy yelled out to the calm waves again. But no sounds came back – none but the echo of her voice.     

On the Surface

     “By God, I can’t find her!” Mr. Perez screamed as he kept searching for his daughter. “It should be so easy; the water is shallow and very clear. Cynthia ran to the backside of the boat and cried. She didn’t know how to swim, yet Kathy did. Why wasn’t she coming back? Her mind pondered in panicked puzzlement. That day, the two of them kept searching until others joined. When they stopped, still many others searched, until Kathy was considered no more.

25 Years Later

   Cynthia and her husband had come from visiting her father’s grave. He died two years back and his headstone was set not far from the lagoon that they lost Kathy in. By now, she had her own daughter of seven years, and she was eerily afraid to get too close to the gorgeous lagoon. Even so, she felt that she needed to make the personal pilgrimage there, as she had always harbored an insistent guilt that Kathy’s disappearance was all her fault.

   “Hey, don’t do this to yourself,” her husband comforted her as he saw tears drip from his wife’s eyes.

     “It killed him, too.” She softly wept. “Kathy’s drowning; it killed my father’s heart.”

     Still trembling in her husband’s arms, her daughter had come, racing toward them.

     “I caught a fish!” She prided. “I really caught my first fish!”

     “And how did you do that, young lady?” Her father asked.

      She just pointed toward the glittering lagoon and answered plainly.

     “Kathy told me how, can’t you hear her calling?”


Cut From The Same Cloth by darkriddle1
Cut From The Same Cloth
Me and my Granddaughter...she was born to chew bubblegum and kick ass -- and she's all out of bubblegum!!! LOL
Author Dark Riddle by darkriddle1
Author Dark Riddle
Quick "Booklet" pic of me from last year by Frank Graves


darkriddle1's Profile Picture
Dark Riddle / Jesus Morales
United States
Dark Riddle Official Website: Link Below: For Info, Art, and Video to all things "Dark Riddle"…

From Wikipedia: & Wikicyclopedia:

Among the most well-known "Hypergothic" surrealist-artists and authors from the United States, "Dark Riddle" is a Chicago-based artist and author, primarily known as a popular graffiti muralist, then turned to build a fan base in the genera of science fiction and surreal horror.

He is known for book works such as Chupacabra Visions, Knight Syndrome, The Zombie Bible Anthology, Untold Tales of BTB, and Empire of Dirt. He works with many publishers doing illustrations and literature. Best known for mixing and merging traditional free-hand drawing, Graffiti Art, photography and literature.

During the early 1990's he created the "Hypergothics" art/writing method. Infamous in Occult Art circles, he is regarded as the 7th "Dark" from the modern branch of the Synoptic Knights Templar.

For over 25 years, he was known as an iconic agent for the infamous BTB Graffiti Art/activist group.

He now works with various Modeling Troops and Photographers, promoting surreal and macabre genres. Dark Riddle has had featured work at The Mexican Fine Arts Center, Life Magazine, The Chicago Cultural Center, The Center for Human Evolution, The Museum of Cryptozoology, The Futurism Gallery Hall, Jade Dragon Tattoo Emporium, and Gallery X of Dark and Gothic Arts.

He has worked in popular presses such as Permuted Press, LDP Press, Spellbinder Press and Time Warner Books. You can view some examples of his published print books of horror and surrealism at the links below:

"Dark Love" Trade Paper Back:…

"Empire of Dirt": Revised Edition:…

"Misadventures of the Undead":…

"In the Shadows of Men": Art-Book Edition:…

Current Residence: Chicago, IL
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Graffiti & Fantasy
Favourite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: You can't control a situation, but you can control yourself in a situation!

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