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Sunny days by Kate-FoX

We rarely see works of art that "truly" catch our eye; such as this, and rightly so. Although many critique works of the digital format...


STORY... The TWO of Them by darkriddle1
STORY... The TWO of Them
"The TWO of Them": A reunion between a father and his long-lost daughter brings about cryptic suspicions when the father suddenly disappears.

The TWO of Them:

Photography: Lionel Duval: Model: Svetluska: Story: Dark Riddle: You can see the original work at this link…

STORY: The TWO of Them:


“…You may seem like you’re alone, but you’re not!”

That’s what Dalton told her. Dalton, a 47-year-old man. Tall. Thick-shouldered. Intense-looking, but kind-hearted. He held out his hand. In it was a camouflaged-patterned bug. It was a big bug. It buzzed and shivered its long wings, creating a loud shrilling sound.

“You see, it’s a Cicada. I’m not alone here…neither are you,” he continued. “Look around you – look high, up in the trees…”

Tandy did as he said. Tandy, a 24-year-old woman. Thin. Slight in build. Intense-looking, but kind-hearted. Above her the sunlight filtered through the tall trees in the old city park. And she could hear them now. So loud, that shrilling was.

At first, it was just a low shrill. Then, it became an echo, then a chorus, finally it became an orchestra...a fantastic symphony. Wondrous buzzing and comforting whimsies on warm beating wings.

They were reverberated songs of primeval innocence. Songs of things left behind and things yet to be discovered. Such was the way of nature, never biased, only progressing as it sees fit.

Tandy reached out and touched Dalton’s shoulder. He was looking through the park. Past the old sycamore trees, past the cobblestone trail, past the golden lake’s horizon. He peered just above the warm sunset and Tandy knew he was looking into the future.

It was a future promised to them. Promised, but hindered by circumstances. Created through accident and bent by default. These two were an odd pair. Separated by jealousy and angst, yet reunited via serendipity.

It was a new-found partnership to rekindle burnt-out fires - to find all the things that were lost to them – finally a continuance of the old ways in a new era destined to be molded by their kind.

Tandy held his hand in her’s. She held it close to her face. She felt the blood inside of it, warm and welcoming. It’s the same flesh of my flesh, she thought. Dalton began walking out of the park and into the lakeside rotunda…a long cement-lined pier, where the water softly crashed on the shore.

She began to stare again. A longing look. Dalton’s hair was black. His beard speckled with gray and black, a funny salt and pepper muzzle of sorts that accented a loving smile. His eyes were a deep hazel-brown and Tandy would often watch the flickering sunlight reflect in them during their long talks about many interesting things.

They walked past many lakeside vendors and giggled and joked, and laughed and smiled. Tandy was happy. Really happy. She was always happy when she was with Dalton – the man who was both stranger and family – friend and father. Then she realized that she hadn’t been this happy in a long time. Not since…

A sudden fear ran up her spine and it compelled her to ask a dreaded question…

“You would never leave me, would you, Dad?”

The question came from her mouth in a crackling voice. Dalton knew Tandy had been abandoned before, in a time when he was still unaware of who she was to him. This troubled young woman. She was an enigma to most, misunderstood and reviled for her strange ways – her strange looks – her all-around strangeness.

Indeed, what was a woman of 24 years so afraid of losing anyway? It was not as if she was a child. But Dalton knew. He knew what was in her heart.

The truth was they were the same; and any two people of the same "kind" who finally find each other know what this means...that separation from that point on is quite impossible.

This might be frightening to most, especially of Tandy, being who and what she was. Albeit, Dalton was unafraid. He accepted her just as she was, no matter what people said or feared. He knew who she really was and Tandy knew that he knew…and she loved him even more because of this - such was the way between them.

Still, he saw a flicker of hurt in her eyes and he felt his heart strings pull. Dalton smiled that wide smile, that warm smile, and gave her a sincere reply.

“I will always be with you…even when I’m not.”


Dalton’s sister stood against the wall. Jenny was angry. It had been 3 days since anyone had seen her brother and Dalton was not the type to just run off alone.

Jenny was older than her brother and at 56 years in age, she had seen many odd and disturbing things in the world. The queer relationship between her brother and his long-lost daughter was one of them. Even so, she was troubled by Tandy.

Tandy was in the next room. There, she was being interrogated by an officer. Just a day ago, Jenny had called the police with the notion that perhaps Tandy had some hand in Dalton’s disappearance.

Tandy had been looking for Dalton ever since he missed a date of theirs. Now, both Tandy and Jenny were in the same room, hatred of each other boiling over some now that the police officer placed them in the same room.

Officer Gomez needed some answers and it was his intention to get them from both women, despite their obvious disdain for one another.

"Okay, let’s start off fresh,“ Gomez said. “What is the relationship between you and Dalton?”

Tandy looked over at the irritated officer.

“He is my father. When I was very young, I was separated from him. My mother was in a cult of some kind. She left with me when I was a toddler. Later, she left me, too.” Tandy answered.

As Tandy replied, she got a strong feeling. It was the "cold-deep". A feeling she specifically named in her mind. It was set inside a vision - a vision of the past, when Tandy's mother told her she had to leave her. She had abandoned Tandy when she was just 10 years-old. Tandy cried.

“Please, please, mom! I’ll be good – I’ll do anything you want, just don’t leave me here alone!” Tandy shouted in her memory.

“So, Dalton is your biological father, but he did not raise you, huh?”

Tandy didn’t speak. She just nodded her head towards the officer. This time, Jenny interrupted.

“Dalton didn’t even know she existed until a few years back. I was always suspicious of her," Jenny ranted. “She’s not a good woman, officer. She is a witch, hell-bent on all kinds of satanic witchcraft!”

Officer Gomez didn’t know what to make of Jenny’s bizarre accusations. But, he asked anyway.

“What is she babbling about, Tandy? Is there any truth to her…claims?”

Tandy gave a wry smile.

“I’m not like most people…not like most girls.” She admitted. “I am a witch. I am also a lot of other things, too. That is not illegal, is it?”

Gomez leaned back in his chair.

“Well, no, it’s not, but if you know anything about your father’s disappearance I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me.”

Tandy shook her head.

“If I knew where he was, I would be with him.” She said with some air of mystery.

“You see, officer; she is taunting you. She has been doing spells and witchcraft on my brother for years. She would make him meet her in secret. There is something terribly wrong about all this, sir. Ain’t that right?!?” Jenny pointed.

Again, Gomez turned to Tandy for confirmation.

“Yes. I have been working spells on him and I still am. My dad gets confused sometimes. I’m only working my spells on him to help him see things more clearly.”

“…and that is???” The police officer prodded.

Tandy answered cryptically.

“---That we are not like others in the world. We’re different. He must understand this. We are not the same as you people.”

Gomez bit.

“Really, how so? How are you and your father different?”

Tandy looked him in the eyes.

“We don’t think like you.”

Gomez was tired. It had been a long day and there was no real case to be had here. For all he knew, Dalton could easily show up in a few days, he hadn’t been gone for very long. At that, he decided to let them both leave with no further questioning. Besides, his partner had questioned them earlier in the day. There was little more he could do now.

“Alright, you two; call me if anything turns up. In the meantime, keep an eye out. I’ll keep you posted as soon as anything happens.”

Moments later, Tandy and Jenny left the police station. Although they left in separate directions, Jenny was still suspicious of her and she gingerly followed Tandy a long mile past her old house. Jenny was careful not to be seen. Soon, she found herself entering a filthy abandoned building.

She followed Tandy into a long hallway. There, all types of arcane statues painted in dark grisly colors decorated the aisles. Candles dimly lit the halls with incense and created dancing shadows along the walls. Jenny was scared. It was clear she had found Tandy’s witching post; the place she conducted all her spells and charms.

She watched Tandy walk into a very desolate room. It was filled with empty space, dirty walls and a lone, tattered bed. Tandy, still unaware that Jenny had followed her, began to take her clothes off.

Naked, she stretched out on the ritual bed, caressing it and nudging against it, as if coaxing something inside of it to come out into the world. Clearly this was a very important bed to her.

Filled with anger, Jenny broke her silence.

“You filthy little bitch!” Jenny roared. "This is where you would meet him, huh?!"

Tandy jumped back in surprise. She was about to protest Jenny’s unwarranted presence in her sanctuary, when something odd happened.

From underneath the bed, a wriggling shadow emerged. It was just a shadow, yet it was not cast by any light that they could see. Instead, it oozed across the floor, like some spilled ink, flooding the littered ground beside her.

Jenny couldn’t keep her eyes off of the wavy shadow and to Tandy’s surprise, Jenny began to scream.

“I had to do it! …You made me do it!”

Jenny wept, shaking uncontrollably and pointing at the smooth shadow that stretched across the floor. And just as soon as it had appeared, the weird wriggling shadow dispersed into the dank floor. Jenny stood there, shaking nervously. She gazed in Tandy’s direction, her mouth agape in shame.

“I - I – made this happen, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!?”

But Tandy did not answer. Jenny turned around, still in shock from some sort of moral revelation about herself. She ran out of the building as the night set in.

Back in the room, candlelight illuminated Tandy’s naked form. She cried profusely. Had she been abandoned once more? Was Dalton really gone? Had she lost her father again?

Tandy was very sad, so sad that she began to break. However, just before the shakes, just before the despair, just before the feelings of helplessness could eat into her spirit, she heard a familiar sound.

At first, it was just a low shrill. Then, it became an echo, then a chorus, finally it became an orchestra...a fantastic symphony. Wondrous buzzing and comforting whimsies on warm beating wings.

And Tandy saw the unmistakable form of a Cicada bug landing on her soft bed. She quickly grabbed it and curled into a ball in the bed’s corner. She had felt so alone. So abandoned and bereft.

But then, there it was…a promise coming to fruition. I’ll always be with you…even when I’m not.”

And that voice, whispered from the bug she shook in her hands – from the walls of the room itself – from the very confines of her heart, and she smiled so wide when it said;

“…You may seem like you’re alone, but you’re not!”


Story by Dark Riddle/Jesus Morales. Story inspired by the image  “Normandy 29” by Fumeik: photo by Decorated photographer "Fumeik"

You can see that work at this link below...…

My big thanks to Fumeik/Lionel Duval for this use of this awesome photo!
No Lizards Allowed by darkriddle1
No Lizards Allowed
Dark Riddle with Morgue file photography: Model: Melissa "Mystify" Godinez...


darkriddle1's Profile Picture
Dark Riddle / Jesus Morales
United States
Dark Riddle Official Website: Link Below: For Info, Art, and Video to all things "Dark Riddle"…

From Wikipedia: & Wikicyclopedia:

Among the most well-known "Hypergothic" surrealist-artists and authors from the United States, "Dark Riddle" is a Chicago-based artist and author, primarily known as a popular graffiti muralist, then turned to build a fan base in the genera of science fiction and surreal horror.

He is known for book works such as Chupacabra Visions, Knight Syndrome, The Zombie Bible Anthology, Untold Tales of BTB, and Empire of Dirt. He works with many publishers doing illustrations and literature. Best known for mixing and merging traditional free-hand drawing, Graffiti Art, photography and literature.

During the early 1990's he created the "Hypergothics" art/writing method. Infamous in Occult Art circles, he is regarded as the 7th "Dark" from the modern branch of the Synoptic Knights Templar.

For over 25 years, he was known as an iconic agent for the infamous BTB Graffiti Art/activist group.

He now works with various Modeling Troops and Photographers, promoting surreal and macabre genres. Dark Riddle has had featured work at The Mexican Fine Arts Center, Life Magazine, The Chicago Cultural Center, The Center for Human Evolution, The Museum of Cryptozoology, The Futurism Gallery Hall, Jade Dragon Tattoo Emporium, and Gallery X of Dark and Gothic Arts.

He has worked in popular presses such as Permuted Press, LDP Press, Spellbinder Press and Time Warner Books. You can view some examples of his published print books of horror and surrealism at the links below:

"Dark Love" Trade Paper Back:…

"Empire of Dirt": Revised Edition:…

"Misadventures of the Undead":…

"In the Shadows of Men": Art-Book Edition:…

Current Residence: Chicago, IL
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Graffiti & Fantasy
Favourite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: You can't control a situation, but you can control yourself in a situation!

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